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Welcome to Concordia in Monroe, located in beautiful Middlesex County New Jersey. Concordia is a 55+ adult gated community comprised of 1757 homes. Concordia sits on 440 acres nestled in central New Jersey farmlands while being conveniently located just 2.5 miles from Exit 8A of the NJ Turnpike and convenient to Routes 130 and 33. If you want an active and exciting adult community, then Concordia very well might be the answer to your calling! Concordia has all of the characteristics and features that you could ever ask for in a 55+ adult community. For one thing, it has a great deal of amenities. For another, the homes and lifestyle allow for the maximum possible positive experience for buyers and those interested.

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One of the main appeals of the Concordia community is the variation in the houses, which are available in a wide array of distinguishing features. It’s home to a fantastic fitness center and golf course, with monthly seminars also being an additional perk of the community. There are several other 55+ communities in Monroe as it is a growing senior citizen community.

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In the case that you still aren’t quite sure what exactly all the fuss is about, however, there is the next section which will give a deeper and more detailed explanation of the numerous and key benefits or advantages of becoming a resident of Concordia Monroe. The main advantages of the Concordia adult community are as varied as they are numerous. In this sense, the most reasonable thing is to split the benefits into two broad categories: Amenities and lifestyle. This will allow you to get a better understanding of which parts of the Concordia community are appealing for one or more specific reasons. If there are no homes for sale in Concordia Monroe, there are many other developments in the area with homes available.

Our Amenities

In regard to the first category, amenities, we touched on this briefly in the overview. However, here we’ll go over some more specific details of the various and substantial amenities offered by the Concordia Monroe adult community. There is Club Concordia, which is one of the main appeals for the community.

Additionally, there is the indoor pool & spa for those who prefer some relaxation and low-stress pleasure. In keeping with the idea of fitness, however, there is also the aerobics and dance studio. It is really convenient to live in a community where everything is right there without needing to drive anywhere. It can be time consuming to travel to the gym, but when it is right where you live there is no excuse to not go!

In terms of recreational activities, there’s the card room as well as the arts & crafts studio. This doesn’t factor in the library or the billiards room as well as the outdoor pool. And, as mentioned earlier, there are a number of courts for sports such as tennis, bocce, and shuffleboard. There is something for everyone to enjoy and do in Concordia Monroe. You will never be bored with all of the great activities there are to do in Concordia Monroe. Finally, there are walking and biking trails for lovers of the outdoors.
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Concordia's Design

Then there’s the category of the Concordia lifestyle. In this area we can include specifics such as the wide assortment of clubs, the groups and committees for an array of interests, workshops for any number of topics you can think of, and more! If having a lot to do is one of your key requirements for an adult community lifestyle, then Concordia is simply unmatched in a huge way. The list of amenities and lifestyle activities is practically infinite! There is something for everyone in Concordia.

In terms of the houses, the architecture is contemporary, modern, and highly aesthetically pleasant. All of the houses were built between the years 1982 and 2000. There are also a large variety of housing styles, with some being standing ranch homes and others being condos or townhouses. The possibilities are as exciting as they are many! There are condos, semi-attached duplexes, town homes, and free-standing ranch homes. There is a home style, size and price range to match the needs and budget of almost any active adult buyer. Prices are reasonable so they are easily affordable.

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In terms of maintenance, there is very little that needs to be done in regard to the houses. This makes them idea for those who want a hassle-free simplicity in regard to their house and their adult community. The rand houses feature patios while the houses in general tend to feature two bedrooms, one or two bathrooms and garages or carports attached.
There are also several more appealing features in regard to the houses. Most of the houses are built with relaxed, low-effort entertainment in mind (and it shows!) while all of them are designed to be as comfortable as possible. Buyers also might find the floor plans particularly interesting for their own preferences. Everything has been designed to be the absolute comfort.
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The second category is the surrounding area. And what a surrounding area it is! The community itself around the area is kind and welcoming to newcomers while the area surrounding it is quite charmingly elegant and beautiful. All of the daily lifestyle needs can be met in the area whether it be shopping, banking, dining, etc. Finally, the community is never too far away from any exciting and populated areas if you want to get out and have some fun! There are shopping malls, amusement parks, and golf courses nearby. New York City and Philadelphia are also just 1 hour away for those who have family out of town.

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Cathy Is An Expert Real Estate Agent Who Specializes In Assisting Buyers And Sellers In Concordia.

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Caterina (Cathy) Bassani: 


Price Range: Mid 200’s- High 400’s

Number Of Homes: 1757

New/Resale: Resale Homes Only

Age Restrictions: 55+

Gated: Yes

Construction Dates: 1982-2000

Pool: Yes

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